MuNA leads the museum to the 21st century and beyond.


MuNA brings audiences together to enjoy an unforeseen cultural experience. MuNA does it in a completely new and innovative way focusing on the core functions of a museum without limiting the visitors' creativity. MuNA is the first museum that goes beyond the art. MuNA is a museum in its purest essence without art. MuNA is a space for positive experiences and genuine entertainment.


The nucleus of MuNA's concept is a ravishing gift shop where art aficionados and culture connoisseurs have an opportunity to consume with an aesthetic satisfaction guarantee. A wide range of top quality MuNA signature objects and accessories - sporting the distinctive MuNA logo - are available for all variety of tastes of the most demanding shoppers.


MuNA is a global museum network that will expand to the major future cities of the world. The first MuNA is located in Mänttä Finland. The wow factor museum is designed by the renowned starchitect Nobuyuki Masaki, whose masterpiece has been inspired by our core values - emotional exhilaration and cultural consumption.


Welcome to the future of museums! Welcome to MuNA!